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CF Charter

Founded in 2004 by a group of long time online friends. 
This guild was founded on the belief that you don't have to be in a mandatory raiding guild to see game content. 
That you don't have to be bored in a family style guild, or be hampered or harassed by inept players.
That there should be a fair way to earn loot even if you are not a professional gamer, because your real life always comes first.
Everquest is a grand game, and we feel we deserve to see it. 
If overcoming challenges to reap the rewards interests you. 
If you expect others to pitch in because you always lend a helping hand yourself.
If you believe that it takes honed skills to play this game, and feel you are always learning,
maybe you should look us up.

We are the song of war, the call to battle.  The musical accompaniment to life, not its purpose.
We are Cantus Fidelis.

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